Tina Mancini

Great staff and doctors.

Glen Baker

Excellent staff and doctor ! 10 stars ! These people care 👍👍! Great place for foot care.

Nicole W

Dr. Etheridge is amazing.

Dean Spencer

My name is Dean Spencer, I was attacked by a Bull Shark in Juno Beach Florida why Surfing. The Shark bit my foot foot almost in half, the shark bit through 3 tendions and a main artery. I was rushed into Saint Mary's Hospital. At that time Dr. Jonathan Moskovits just happened to be doing his rounds, He spent the next three hours stitching me up, stopping my bleeding and doing a supurb job of saving my foot and my life.

I still am under his care, and I can walk, Thanks to God and Dr. Moskovits.

Mary Weatherford

Dr. Markovitz is the best. He's down to earth. He is just like one of us. He makes you feel so at ease. And his staff that helps him in the back are amazing also. He's great. Try his practice you will not be disappointed.

Anthony Ornowski

Excellent and competent staff and Dr. Moskovits is the coolest doctor ever. He is very friendly without a pretentious bone in his body. He also has great skills with a delicate touch. I highly recommend their orthotics design system, without it I could not walk without severe pain.


Tony O.

Kyle Blom

Doc was awesome staff as well 👍

Thelma Lennhoff

My experience was great. The doctor and his staff were attentive and helpful. I have finally healed.

Annalee Shein

The staff was very friendly, accommodating as is easy to make an appointment. But Dr. Moskovitz is amazing. I have been going to podiatrists for years, (diabetes, bunions, flat feet). My last Podiatrist always made my toe bleed when cutting my nails and never addressed my other problems. On my first visit, smiling Dr. Moskovitz sat with me and went over all my concerns in detail. He explained that my flat feet could have been exasperating my leg and knee pain and had his nurse make me an arch pad support. It really helped, so I went and bought some to wear all the time. I am extremely pleased with EVERYTHING/EVERYONE at Palm Beach Foot & Ankle! Thank you. 👍👍👍👍👍

David Singer

Excellent care by Dr. Aly. Highly recommend them.

Ellen Wiedemann

Very professional, courteous and nice staff. Dr. Ashry is a great surgeon... both Achilles tendons repaired, plantar fasciitis and bone spur. Dr. Ashry has a pleasant bed side manner and personality.

Gloria Kaplan

Their care is excellent and the attending medical aids do heir work very, very well. I also enjoy the pleasant greeting given as you enter the office.

Rose Michelle (Rosey M.)

The doctor was not only handsome & young (LOL), he was very kind, welcoming, and professional. The staff was great too! They stayed on the phone with me while I found my way to their office.

Had a little bit of wait before I saw the doctor but some other patients in the waiting area told me the wait is usually short.

Madge P.

Doctor Moskovits was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, very kind and patient did a great job will spread the word to friends and family.

K. Veltri

Dr. Ashry is caring, patient and a knowledgeable expertise in podiatry.

Chet Wancewicz

The Dr's and Staff are wonderful and very caring.

Michael Cohen

Doctor and staff was very caring and professional.

Maxwell Vilse

Amazing service.

John DeFrancisco

The staff is great!!! Doctors are the best I have ever been too. Especially Dr. Jonathan even though he kept something of mine I hade for a long time… still greatly appreciated for what they have done to make me better.

Highly recommended!!


The care I recieved was the best I can recall. Everybody was very efficent.

Erica Thomas

This office of Dr. Hartstein is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Hartstein is a very compassionate doctor in so many ways. He is a wonderful doctor with an awesome staff. I have had nothing but great experiences being a patient at this office. I would recommend this office to anyone who is seeking a physician and a staff who knows how to treat you like a person and not a number.



Erica Thomas

David P.

I am very thankful for the ladies at this practice. They are kind, compassionate and extremely competent. They took wonderful care of my 94 year old father. Thank you Dr. Etheredge and all of your assistants. Highly recommend.

Rob Chap

Had a very good experience with Dr. Moskovits. Very caring and real nice staff.

Ann Loder

I'm so appreciative that I was introduced to Palm Beach Foot and Ankle a few years ago. I couldn't ask for more from the Doctors or other employees. Everyone is friendly, funny, nice and only as "professional" as is necessary. I'm reminded each and every visit of how doctor visits were in the old days, before the onset of "managed care", etc......you know, when Doctors' visits lasted more than 5 or 15 minutes. It's a good feeling to know! And I have happy feet.

Steven Simpson

Howdy all. Hope this reads well!! By far this is the best place for foot care ever. Dr. Boco and his staff are amazing and so caring. I have dealt with ankle and foot pain all my life with these beyond flat feet I have. When I was in a crushed by my garage door and needed emergency Medical help this team was beyond helpful. I have spent the last few years with this facility and the staff and am always impressed at there ability to take care of me. I send so many people to this location to see him.. But now I am sad that I did cause now he is grown so much I feel bad for all the extra work him and his staff must endure. But they always seem to be able to make the time to get everyone in and taken care of. Incredible staff and amazing and over knowledge DR. You will be glad you had to come and see them. Even though its a pain in the foot.. lol!!

Sue Rosen

Dr. Ashry’s staff is friendly and I never have to wait very long. The medical team is compassionate and knowledgeable and Dr. Ashry is great. He thoroughly explained the problem I was having with my foot and was positive and supportive through the entire foot surgery. Excellent follow up care as well-I only wish I could use Dr. Ashry for other orthopedic ailments.

Robin Brigaerts

A long-term diabetic, I had not had my feet checked for years before seeing Dr. Ashry. He made me aware of my neuropathy and has kept on top of my foot health. I love getting my nails trimmed there now that I find it difficult to do the job myself.

Larry Marren

Dr. Hartstein consistently provides me with excellent medical care. The office staff provides excellent customer service.

Judy Kaufman

I have been here and recommend this office to everyone! The staff is amazing and all the doctors are great, especially Dr. Moskovitz. They go out of their way to make you comfortable and get you back on your feet asap!!

Alfred Dennard

Dr. Etheredge, was excellent. She examined my feet thoroughly, explained everything I should do as part of my care plan. She also gave me my options on how to improve my feet as far as surface was concerned. I would definitely see her again and I have recommended her to friends. The staff is also wonderful and very friendly.

Stanley Kemp

The staff has always been friendly, friendly and professional. I’ve never had a bad experience and the drs answer questions and are knowledgeable. I recommend them highly.

Phil C.

The Doctor, and Staff are great!!!

Jeffrey Lampert

Caring and very competent professionals and a great support staff. Multiple locations in Palm Beach County make it very convenient to go from home or from work.

Jeri Driver

Absolutely awesome office. Dr. Ashry and his staff go over and beyond. Dr. Ashry did my foot surgery last September and I couldn’t be happier! Walking without pain has its benefits!

Fran Streigold

I always have a good experience with Dr. Hartstein

Glassman 153

Dr. Ashry was the only doctor who was able to diagnose and treat my mother's broken foot after others tried and failed in 2 different states. The whole staff was courteous and professional.

Ida Royer

Dr. Ashry sure knows his stuff, he was very thorough in explaining my issues. The entire staff was quite amazing and very knowledgeable with the care I received. I will truly recommend anyone to him for foot care. This is not the first time I have had to turn to Dr. Ashry for foot care. He will always be my podiatrist.

Gail Schwartz

Dr, Etheridge is professional, gentle and caring.

Maggy Gonzalez

I visited this place for a wart on my left foot. Very good attention by the staff that treated me and especially Dr. Xavier Sanchez for his attention and applied procedures.

Patrick Osetek

Best surgeon ever! Great procedure and post op care. Back on my feet again, Thanks !!

Karen Zinno

Dr.Moskovitz and his staff are very friendly and professional. Never a long wait in either “waiting “room.Your treated like a person not a number like in most doctors offices.Dr.Moskovitz examined and preformed surgery on my foot. I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend Dr.Moskovitz and his staff great establishment.

Joel Batista

I cut my foot on a chop saw back in October and honestly I believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Boco. I would have trouble walking. Thanks to him he got me back and running in 3 months. Great doctor great staff.

Loretta Hannon

I have two words, THE BEST! Dr. Ashry!

Heidi Wright

Dr. Hartstein is a great doctor. They always squeeze me in when I have a problem with my feet. I work at the Home Depot and walk on concrete floors all day long. This has created many foot problems over the years. The doctors and staff are very friendly and efficient. I would recommend Palm Beach foot and ankle to anyone with foot problems and pain.

Paul Ulliman

My wait was a little longer than usual but for good reason; the staff was taking care of many patients due to working through their lunch period. The season got ahead of them. When I got to the examining room I was met by a beautiful 5' 11" very pleasant girl named Alicia, who made me feel happy I was there. She made sure I was comfortable and asked if I needed anything before she left the room. Dr. Hartstein then entered the room, we exchanged pleasantries, and he then asked what I needed. I mentioned three things, he quickly took care of each of them and asked Alicia to finish up. She did, helped me out of the chair and I was on my way. Great visit, I said to myself on the way out.

Linda Rincon

EXCELLENT Podiatrist! Knowledgeable proficient, and really great communication Definitely recommend!

Quovadis Daniels

I was experiencing pain in both ankles a friend suggested I see a podiatrist. Very glad I took the advice doing much better. Thank you Dr Hartstein and friendly staff.

Lori Barry

I've been seeing Dr. Rockefeller as needed for 23 years. He has always had solutions for my foot & ankle issues. The staff is great and I rarely wait longer than 15 minutes. I wish all my doctors & their staff was as kind and compassionate.

San Guyer

Outstanding doctors and staff. Addressed all my numerous concerns with patience and diligence. Very reasonable pricing for services. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Mary Faulkner

Overall great experience. It’s wonderful to put my shoe on pain free after one visit.

Pamela Atkins

This is Jack Salik's sister, he passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago from the infection in his ankle and foot. The cause of death was sepsis. His own fault after he had it operated on again and left the hospital against doctor orders and without being properly discharged. He didn't finish with the course of IV antibiotic treatment they had him on. He couldn't walk or work anymore and I guess he didn't really care about living.

Pat Kaupe

Appointments are timely and the staff is very friendly and competent.

Lorraine Gerrity

I is my pleasure to write a review for Dr Alan Hartstein. I elected to have foot surgery for the purpose of having bunions removed. Upon meeting with Dr. Hartstein for a consultation, I felt comfortable and ultimately had surgery on both feet separately in the same year. My experience was outstanding - from scheduling with his surgery coordinator to his support staff as I returned for follow up care at his office. I highly recommend Dr. Alan Hartstein.

Paul Henry

Dr. Salter provides me excellent service at the west palm beach office also Millie is very helpful and have known her since 2012 highly recommended!

Bev H

My foot hurt every time I stepped on it, so I went to Palm Beach Foot & Ankle. As I walked into the office, I was warmly greeted, and in 5 minutes I was on my way back to Dr. Moskovits. That visit was 4 months ago, and I’m still pain free!

Robert Joseph

Wonderful patient care. The doctor diagnosed my foot pain incredibly fast. The problem was my shoes. He gave me a list of shoes for my particular problem. Pain is gone now. Wonderful job.

Wendy Cochran

Had ingrown toenail on big toe which was growing circular. Dr. Moskovits removed it painfree with no complications. My follow-up had no issues. Would highly recommend Palm Beach Foot & Ankle for a patient with a foot problem. Will go back next time I have another ingrown toenail!! Wendy C.

Pete A

Having surgery with covid running around rampant yespit was very frightening until the moment I was wheeled into the operating room is operating room and I saw doctor boco standing there it was extremely reassuring everything turned out great Would trust my life to him Doctor boco is a modern day pediatric/surgeon not like the old days he is on the cutting edge of new things for patients have recommended him to many people and they all have the same phrases for him.

Anje Kelley

"My daughter and I enjoyed your office and all it had to offer us! Amazing service and made sure she was comfortable while recovering."

Jeanne-Marie Munoz

Dr. Moskovits is a truly compassionate, caring and excellent physician. I have used him personally and for my father-in-law as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Moskovits. All of the office staff and nurses are very kind and professional.

Cecelia Kittrell

Each time i have visited the office I have been treated with respect and warmth. I highly recommend the practice.

Andrea Schoen

Able to make quick appt. treated quickly when there.Kind people working there. Treatment worked! No pain!

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